Why Prem Mahindra Enterprises, India

Why Our Company

Since ancient times, the Indian have shown their remarkable skills with herbs. Ancient Papyrus scrolls have reference to over 700 herbal remedies, including most valued herbs like caraway seeds, marjoram, spearmint, parsley, calendula, hibiscus and anise.  Herbs can be considered to provide the highest quality of food to humans as it contains the needed vitamins, trace and minerals for a balanced body. The ancient Indian also used simple remedies, but were very effective.  Many years have passed since then, but India is still known for planting high quality herbs in the form of seeds, flowers and leaves. Since Pharaonic times, El Fayoum has been most famous for herb and spice cultivation. Molokhia is considered one of the prime exports of the lands of India, which is a central hub for export of aromatic herbs.

Prem Mahindra Enterprises prides itself to be an Indian Trading company and we strive towards the highest quality of service and product delivery. We also encourage Factory Visits to showcase our processing cycle. Did you know that our list of products include 4 of the world’s top weight loss herbs? Read more here.

Our Core Services

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Free delivery for bigger orders. We deliver our products with our own means of transport or with a forwarding company; the Customer does not bear additional cost for the delivery.
- delivery always on time
- to a location chosen by a Customer
- fast and reliable

Placing an order

In order for our Customers to be fully satisfied, we are able to make a product according to the individual preferences of the Customer. We can manufacture products in line with our Company's profile on a Customer's assignment.
- carefully selected ingredients
- any parameters
- quality guarantee


We offer the service of packaging the goods under the brand name of the Customer. Our goods are packaged according to a Customer's requirements in packages as per a customer's request. We are available for packing your products.
- top quality services
- use of the best materials
- high productivity