About us

Prem Mahindra Enetrprises company has been operating on the market since 1991. 

Prem Mahindra Enterprises.

We are India’s largest Herbs supply chain Based on Saharanpur,Haridwar, GreaterNoida and  Raw Herbs Service Company.

Premmahindraententerprises currently works with 50 Manufacutrer across industries and functions. Our services offering has been designed keeping in mind your most critical needs in today’s context. We intend to expand the breadth of  supply services in order to be a one-stop provider of HERBS services from Permanent since last 3 years.Some herbs are Mentioned Below.

International Herbs

  • Abrotanum(Leaves & Young Shoot)
  • Absinthum(Leaf & Flower)
  • Adonis ver(Whole plant)
  • Alteris Fari(Rhizome & Root)
  • Ammi visnaga(Seeds)
  • Aralia Rac(Roots)
  • Asarum Euro(Whole plant)
  • Aspidospharma(Bark)
  • Badiaga(whole Sponge)
  • Baptisia Tin(Root Bark)
  • Berberies Aqu(Root)
  • Cantharis(Whole Dried Fly)
  • Caulophyllum T(Rhizone including Roots)
  • Ceanotus Amar(Leaves)
  • Chelone Glabra
  • Chimaphilla(Whole Plant)
  • Chinonanthus Vir(Bark)
  • Cimicifuga Rac(Rhizome)
  • Collinsonia Canadensis(Rhizome)
  • Cundurango (Bark)

National Herbs

  • Abroma Augusta Folia(Leaves)
  • Abroma Augusta Radix(Root)
  • Abrus Percatorius(Seed)
  • Acorus Calamas (Root)
  • Agele Folia (leaves)
  • Agele marmeios(Fruit)
  • Aesculus muscarius
  • Colocymthis(Fruit)
  • Dioscorea Villosa(Rhizome)
  • Essential oils